AI Content Creators

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our world rapidly. It does not only help estimate property prices [1] more accurately, but it can now drive our cars [2] , buy and sell stocks [3], and diagnose cancers [4], etc. AI relies on a learning process from the data and contents obtained to make it smart, but now AI can create contents by itself. Would AI becomes dumb when it is learning its own created contents?

This article shows an example of writing a blog article by an AI auto-writer. It is a content creator that I just have to provide the keywords and the theme that I want to write, then it can produce a full article. Writing becomes effortless and free of charge!

There are many different AI writers available, Sevilla (2021) [5] suggested the following top 5 best AI writer of 2021: Writesonic, Article Forge, WordAI, AI-Writer and Articolo. Here I use anyword as an example to show how an article can be generated automatically by AI. I simply enter a description of the blog post that I want to create. For example: “How property technologies are transforming the world of housing”, or “How AI and machine learning is shaping the PropTech and analytics industries in the world”, then it will generate Titles, Section Outline, and Paragraphs for us to choose.

Here shows you what I choose and what it produces:

It produces about 500 words within seconds, and the contents seem to be professional by providing statistical figures and definitions for the keywords. It looks neat and comprehensible, but it does not seem to tell anything.

AI can create contents efficiently and it does not limit to words. AI can now compose music, create artwork, produce design, etc. Arango (2021) [6] introduced Top 10 AI Music Composers: Amper Music, AIVA, Jukedeck, Ecrett Music, Melodrive, etc. I have tried Amper Music to create a background music to a video as shown below, it is easy to use.

AI content creators may sound good to the business world, as it saves a lot of time and resources. Yet, there can be some adverse impacts that we may have to prepare for. For example, if students can submit their courseworks effortlessly by using AI writers, which the teachers cannot tell the differences. Then, all the assessments are meaningless. Furthermore, it can result in a vicious cycle of content farms (or content mills), which are notorious in social media in the past decade that generate a large number of web contents just to satisfy algorithms for maximal retrieval by automated search engines so as to generate advertising revenues.


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