Co-Creation to Innovate — A Case Study

PropTech Cases —Case Study Library. Issue no. 2022–08

Why Co-creation between big Corporates and Startups Is A Good Way To Innovate?

  1. startups are more flexible to change. Big corporates are more structured and resistant to change.
  2. startups are more bearable to the consequences of failure, but the same failure can ruin the brand name and good will of big corporates.
  3. startups lack resources, funding, technical support, networks, experience, etc. Big corporates in general have much more resources, funding, technical support and networks, experience, etc.
  4. Any people with innovative ideas can set up their own startups, as the entry barrier is low. In contrast, staff and management in big corporates have little incentives to innovate or to take risk, if they are receiving good pays.
  1. Collaborations between big corporates and startups to innovate.
  2. Acquisitions — big corporates acquire startups with potential innovative ideas. It sounds like buying unicorns in the stock markets.
  3. Competitions — big corporates invite innovations from the public by means of competitions or games. It expands the pool of creative ideas to all people.
  4. Subsidiaries — big corporates set up small startups to be responsible for a new product line. It sounds like a firewall in case of any failures.



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