Is Money Supply or Housing Supply the Cause of High House Prices? A List of References

I have written several articles in this blog on the causes of high housing prices, and they can be categorized into two main strands, namely (1) insufficient land or housing supply, and (2) too much money supply. Here is the list of literature for reference, including a list of references of my articles on this issue.

International References

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New Zealand References:

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References of My articles:

Yiu, C.Y. (2020) Debt is the Ultimate Cause of Housing Bubbles — a Literature Review, Medium June 28.

Yiu, C.Y. (2020) Does Supply Determine Price or Price Determines Supply? A Case in the Oil Price Change, Medium April 21.

Yiu, C.Y. (2019) Housing Price Hikes Caused by Real Effective Exchange Rate Changes, Medium May 27.

Yiu, C.Y. (2019) A New Cause of Unaffordable Housing — that Explain Why More Supply Cannot Help, Medium May 13.

Yiu, C.Y. (2019) Housing Price Hikes in Hong Kong Must NOT (Purely) Due to Insufficient Supply, Medium April 20.

Yiu, C.Y. (2019) Change of Australia Housing Prices is found to be mostly caused by Changes in Real Interest Rates, Medium April 12.

Yiu, C.Y. (2019) Real Interest Rate Effect on Housing Price Cycles, Medium Mar 12.

ecyY is the Founder of Real Estate Development and Building Research & Information Centre REDBRIC

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